Paper Machine DCS Upgrade

Industry: Pulp & Paper
Category:Design, Electrification, Project Management, Instrumentation
Services:Electrical Schematics, Design, Cable / Ladder Tray Installation, Communications Installation, Cable Installation and Termination

Description: Project requirements - project management, design, install and connect a DCS system to replace dated Siemens S5 and Taylor MOD systems to ABB AC800xA hardware.
The installation was designed in parallel with the existing legacy system enabling full FATs and minimal disruption to production schedules.
All new multicore cables were installed from the final point of field connection to MCC Marshalling panels where the IO was connected to multiple controllers depending on the machine process, prior to change over all new connections were tested from the final point of connection back to the respective controller verifying correct operation of each I/O.
Installation included a new communications network linking all controllers via local Profi-Bus connections through converters to fibre and remote connections, additional server racks were also installed and connected to the DCS network via CAT5 cable.
Testing included analog I/O and application of a process meter to ensure correct scaling.

Duration: 12 Months
Change over period: 72 hours
Staff: 20
I/O Count: 8000