• DAF Electrification & Instrumentation

    Electrification of new W625 MCC and equipment including;

    • MCC Switchboard with 400mm XLPE Feed
    • 11 off 415 VAC motors raging from 1.5 to 50kW
    • 5 off Dosing Pumps and controls
    • Various IP56 Series Outlets and Lighting.

    Instrumentation to suit the new control system including;

    • 550kPa Manifold and Valve Panel to drive knife gate valves
    • Flow Transmitter Panel Skid to feed 4 Flow Transmitters
    • 2 off Pressure Transmitters
    • 5 off Level Transmitters
    • 2 off Turbidity Skids

    Installation was carried out over a two month period in conjunction with mechanical assembly of the equipment generating unique challenges on a daily basis.

  • MCC Replacement

    Our customers brief called for replacement of an ageing MCC and supply cabling used to power 'debarking' machinery in their timber mill.

    New electrical control panels required to upgrade the existing MCC were built at Pro-Built Controls premises prior to transporting to site.

    The project works included;

    • Complete all trenching work to accommodate the new supply including trench depth of 1500mm covered with "Quarter minus" screening compacted and covered with and additional 150mm of reinforced concrete and backfilled with remaining earth.
    • Supply and install new 150mm underground conduit (80mtr).
    • Supply and install new 100mm conduit for future cabling (40m).
    • Supply and install new 185mm 4C & E orange circ cable or equivalent.
    • Supply and install new 630 Amp MCCB bucket for the MCC 10.
    • Terminate test and energize the new supply.
    • Manufacture 4 bay distribution centre to replace the existing MCC & feeds to 16 plant items.
    • Remove existing MCC at planned shutdown (2 -3 Days)
    • Test and wire new distribution system prior to delivery
    • Supply and install 6 fortress key locks to existing guarding in the field.
    • Supply and install new fortress master key and key release system.
    • Incorporate one lockable 630 amp Circuit Breaker for single point of isolation.
    • Test and commission.
    • Create CAD electrical schematics and as built drawings

    Installation on the eve of Xmas shutdown, commissioning commencing Boxing Day.

    Overload & Contactors

  • Paper Machine DCS Upgrade

    Project requirements - project management, design, install and connect a DCS system to replace dated Siemens S5 and Taylor MOD systems to ABB AC800xA hardware.
    The installation was designed in parallel with the existing legacy system enabling full FATs and minimal disruption to production schedules.
    All new multicore cables were installed from the final point of field connection to MCC Marshalling panels where the IO was connected to multiple controllers depending on the machine process, prior to change over all new connections were tested from the final point of connection back to the respective controller verifying correct operation of each I/O.
    Installation included a new communications network linking all controllers via local Profi-Bus connections through converters to fibre and remote connections, additional server racks were also installed and connected to the DCS network via CAT5 cable.
    Testing included analog I/O and application of a process meter to ensure correct scaling.

    Duration: 12 Months
    Change over period: 72 hours
    Staff: 20
    I/O Count: 8000

  • Extruder Upgrade & Relocation

    Project requirements - decommission, relocate and upgrade cable extruder line and assist with commissioning during an MSD (Xmas period).
    Works included build/install new control cabinets comprising Schneider switchgear, Magelis HMI's and Advantys PLC with Modicon I/O.

    Duration: 10 weeks
    Staff: 6 

  • Evaporation Upgrade

    Installation of VSD's, general light & power, manufacture/installation of pneumatics distribution system and supplies for three new effectors and their associated control systems

    Duration: 3 months
    Staff: 6
    IO: 150


  • CO2 Detection & Control System

    Project requirements - design, manufacture, program, install & commission a CO2 gas detection, fan & louvre control system for an enclosed winery fermentation area.

    Duration: 5 months
    Staff: 6
    I/O Count: 150

  • Tri-Gen Integration

    Project requirements - integration of a new 400kW Packaged Co-Generation Plant to the mains supply via a 'BUS TIE' in the facilities main switchboard.

    Installation included VSD units.

    Duration: 3 Months
    Staff: 5

  • Bakery Roll Line Control System Upgrade

    This project presented a number of unique challenges for our engineering team including a 48 hour changeover window, missing data & CAD files and insufficient scope documentation. Our engineering staff recreated scope documentation as a forerunner to building, installing and integrating a new control system to suit operational requirements. Integration of the new control system necessitated reverse engineering existing control and equipment function, hardware consisted of approximately 300 I/O utilising an Allen Bradley Compact Logix system coupled with a PV+1500 colour touch screen. System design and layout required conforming to our customers current standards whilst ensuring all applicable industry and regulatory requirements were maintained.

    Duration: 12 weeks
    Staff: 11
    I/O: approx. 300

  • Fire Damaged Electrical Cable Restoration

    Fire had caused significant damage to electrical control & power cabling located in underground conduit & ducts.
    Pro-Built Control attended an emergency call out to bypass damaged wiring and install temporary power & control. Project restoration works necessitated reverse engineering system operation requirements and associated process control elements.
    All field, control and power wiring was traced from point to point to develop working schematics prior to rebuilding/rerouting cable runs.

    Duration: 2 days (until startup)
    I/O: n/a

  • 10MW Co-Gen Installation - Tumut NSW

    Project requirements - general electrification light & power with all associated cable ladder and tray
    integration  with Woodward Synchronisation Control and Bently Nevada vibration monitoring system.

    Duration: 3 months
    Resources: 20 staff including boilermakers/fabricators, electricians, engineering and project management staff
    I/O count: approx. 200

  • 3MW Co-Gen Installation - Coolaroo Victoria

    Project requirements -  electrification installation & commissioning of a newly installed steam turbine generation unit and its associated equipment comprising boiler, fuel handling, feed pump, MCC Room, turbine & generator controls.

    Works included - Integration with Woodward synchronisation control and Bently Nevada vibration monitoring system including complete MCC fit out and installation of power distribution, VESDA, Purfil Systems, UPS, ABB AC800 DCS, ACS800 & ACS355 VSD's, Siemens turbine/generator set control, HV switchgear & engineering station, instrumentation and commissioning.

    Duration: 12 months
    Staff: 25
    I/O count: 400

  • Starch Silos Haz Ex Safety Upgrade

    Project requirements - removal, replacement, relocation and modification of plant & equipment located within a 'Hazardous Area' operating environment.

    Works included -

    • Creation of site area dossier and validation of the customers procured equipment against the site classification documentation, IECex certificates, ANZex/AUSex and current Australian standards for compliance
    • Replacement of existing motors, field sensing devices, transmitters, indicators, beacons, 3 Phase outlets, lighting, control panels, field isolator switches, ground monitoring unit, dust collector stop/start control stations with Ex-tD rated components
    • Installation/replacement of phase loss protection, Emergency Stop Switches, , intrinsically safe (I.S.) indicator units, new earth bonding conductors
    • Replacement of motors with phase loss protection, Field sensing devices, radar transmitters, pressure transmitters, weight indicators, indicating beacons, power outlets, lighting, control panels, field isolator switches, ground monitoring units and push button stations with Ex-tD, Ex-Ia/b, Ex-e, Ex-n rated components
    • Testing, dry/wet commissioning and H-class inspections of equipment to comply with current Australian standards including ITP, ITR, commissioning calibration, earth bond resistance and COES documentation.

    Duration: 5 months
    Staff: 6