• Industrial Bakery Allen Bradley PLC 5 Upgrade

    Non Supported Hardware required upgrading from PLC5 hardware to Allen Bradley Control Logix.

    The architecture of the original system was distributed across a local PLC 5 rack containing High speed counter card, analog and digital IO, DH+ Networks for HMI and PLC communications and RIO networks for 11 x field racks. HMI's connected to the system included 2 x PanelView Plus (Ethernet), 1 x PV 550 (DH+). Communications to other PLC's included SLC & Micrologix.

    This system was upgraded over 2 weekend shutdowns to reduce impact to production.

    The final system comprised of an Allen Bradley L71 processor, high speed counter card, and dual Ethernet cards, with local IO, Flex IO remote racks on Ethernet, and ControlNet with analog and digital IO. HMI's were reprogrammed to access the new L71 processor. The PLC code was translated to Logix 5000. Additional PanelView Plus 600's were installed to replace redundant local displays.

    The project was successfully completed with no downtime attributed to the project works.

    Duration: 2 months
    Staff: 6
    I/O count: 1000


  • Conveyor Control System

    Control Box & HMI Creation for Conveyor Line.

    Project Works include;

    • CAT 3 Emergency Stop
    • Siemens Touch Panel Programming
    • Siemens S7 200 PLC Programming
    • Manufacture of Control Panel

    Duration: 1 Week
    Staff: 2
    I/O Count: 30

  • CO2 Detection & Control System

    Project requirements - design, manufacture, program, install & commission a CO2 gas detection, fan & louvre control system for an enclosed winery fermentation area.

    Duration: 5 months
    Staff: 6
    I/O Count: 150

  • Bakery Roll Line Control System Upgrade

    This project presented a number of unique challenges for our engineering team including a 48 hour changeover window, missing data & CAD files and insufficient scope documentation. Our engineering staff recreated scope documentation as a forerunner to building, installing and integrating a new control system to suit operational requirements. Integration of the new control system necessitated reverse engineering existing control and equipment function, hardware consisted of approximately 300 I/O utilising an Allen Bradley Compact Logix system coupled with a PV+1500 colour touch screen. System design and layout required conforming to our customers current standards whilst ensuring all applicable industry and regulatory requirements were maintained.

    Duration: 12 weeks
    Staff: 11
    I/O: approx. 300