Paper Mill DAF Electrification & Instrumentation

Industry: Pulp & Paper
Category:Electrification, Project Management, Instrumentation
Services:Cable / Ladder Tray Installation, Communications Installation, Cable Installation and Termination

Description: Electrification of new W625 MCC and equipment including;

  • MCC Switchboard with 400mm XLPE Feed
  • 11 off 415 VAC motors raging from 1.5 to 50kW
  • 5 off Dosing Pumps and controls
  • Various IP56 Series Outlets and Lighting.

Instrumentation to suit the new control system including;

  • 550kPa Manifold and Valve Panel to drive knife gate valves
  • Flow Transmitter Panel Skid to feed 4 Flow Transmitters
  • 2 off Pressure Transmitters
  • 5 off Level Transmitters
  • 2 off Turbidity Skids

Installation was carried out over a two month period in conjunction with mechanical assembly of the equipment generating unique challenges on a daily basis.