Paper Mill Starch Silos Haz Ex Safety Upgrade

Industry: Fine Paper Manufacture
Category:Design, Electrification, Project Management, Instrumentation
Services:Electrical Schematics, Design, Cable / Ladder Tray Installation, Communications Installation, Cable Installation and Termination

Description: Project requirements - removal, replacement, relocation and modification of plant & equipment located within a 'Hazardous Area' operating environment.

Works included -

  • Creation of site area dossier and validation of the customers procured equipment against the site classification documentation, IECex certificates, ANZex/AUSex and current Australian standards for compliance
  • Replacement of existing motors, field sensing devices, transmitters, indicators, beacons, 3 Phase outlets, lighting, control panels, field isolator switches, ground monitoring unit, dust collector stop/start control stations with Ex-tD rated components
  • Installation/replacement of phase loss protection, Emergency Stop Switches, , intrinsically safe (I.S.) indicator units, new earth bonding conductors
  • Replacement of motors with phase loss protection, Field sensing devices, radar transmitters, pressure transmitters, weight indicators, indicating beacons, power outlets, lighting, control panels, field isolator switches, ground monitoring units and push button stations with Ex-tD, Ex-Ia/b, Ex-e, Ex-n rated components
  • Testing, dry/wet commissioning and H-class inspections of equipment to comply with current Australian standards including ITP, ITR, commissioning calibration, earth bond resistance and COES documentation.

Duration: 5 months
Staff: 6